Jess and Bryony. Photoshop Session

Before the first Photoshop session, I sent over 3 videos (1,  2  +  3) for the girls to have a look at. These, I thought, were the best videos on YouTube for the introductory stage of Photoshop painting. They give a basic outline of where to find different tools and how to make use of certain techniques.

During the actual session, I just reminded the girls of certain techniques. I also showed them how  to set everything up and trace over their original sketch.  I was really impressed with how everything went. The skills were picked up quickly and the final outcomes looked positive.

Now all that’s needed is for the girls to work through the designs, print them onto special paper and use a heat press to transfer the designs.

The Images below are courtsey of Bryony Vyvyan-Penney. The top and left images are examples of what the designs look like when they have been printed onto the paper. The bottom image is the final product, which I think looks excellent!



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