Project 203 – King Lear – Introducing the Groups: Bryony and Jess

This group, I feel has the biggest challenge ahead of them. Creating Tattoo body suits not only poses the challenge of how we are going to put the tattoos on the fabric but the tattoos also need to be designed and placed.


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In no particular order, our first maker in this group is Jess. Her favourite parts in costume are pattern cutting and embroidery (she also stressed to mention that she loves costume in general). She also feels she needs more experience in breaking down. These make her a perfect match for this group as she gets to do lots of pattern cutting and she will be able to gain more experience in design.

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The second maker in this group is Bryony. She loves how costume can portray a character without the need for language and the intricacy required to make something beautiful. She doesn’t like dying, working with sheer fabrics and finding fabrics for an interpretation. I really think this makes her an excellent member for this group as the tattoos will bring out the characters of the 2 sisters wonderfully! The tattoos will also require the intricacy of an artist like her to achieve a beautiful finish. Finally it is a bonus for her that she wont have to search through many different types of fabric, just select an accurate skin colour.



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