Charly’s Fitting for Kadin as Lear

Charly’s fitting went well. However, similar to Bryony and Jess I was not there and she didn’t get any photos. This makes it quite difficult for my to talk about what she did. If I were to do this project again, I would make extra effort to be present during fittings in the hopes I can avoid a situation like this again.




Brought up sleeves,6″
Make shirt longer,8″
Kadin is wearing their binder
Bring neck down,4″ , as drawn on toile
Actor might be wearing big boots and long socks so trousers can be short
Drop down shoulder,3″
Take 4″ in each side seam, 3.5″ on arm(half arm)
Take out centre back and front folds
Take out 2.5″ in the centre front and back of sleeves
Drawn down front of shirt
Open sleeves from cuff 9″
Buttons 2cm from edge
Shoulder sleeves
Longer sheep legs
Bring more fur onto the front
Make furs look more like animal hides
Put 2cm darts into shoulder panels, 3.5cm away from shoulder
Put in straps to help cape stay on
Bring top of fur onto shoulders more
Based on Charly’s fittings notes, there was quite a lot that she needed to do. This concerns me as sometimes I feel the notes are not quite specific enough to have no image reference. However we must make do with what we have. This means that I will be paying close attention to the costume during any rehearsals that Kadin might be wearing any part of the costume.

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