Rehearsal Week and Opening Night

Rehearsal week was a very busy time for me. Between sewing on labels, finishing breaking down and mending anything that needed it, the whole costume team had their work cut out for them.

This week had been the biggest tell tale for peoples professionalism and maturity yet. Dealing with this was a very big challenge for me as I was having to motivate members of my team as well as myself.

The tech rehearsal day allowed us to finish up jobs like labeling. Every garment was labeled with the actors name and part and hung up on the right part of the rail. This made everything easy to find when getting changed. There were some issues with loosing garments but, we found everything eventually. I am pleased with how the tech rehearsals played out.

On the day of the dress, one member of my group was particularly difficult. When I found her out side, whitening the tip of a fox tail, I knew it wasn’t going quite right. I had to make a difficult decision at this point and just take the faux pelts to Fiona. This meant the issue was quickly resolved and nothing went too wrong. However my involving a lecturer led to a day long strop against me. This added challenge to my job as I wanted to avoid conflict where possible. Later on, when all had been forgotten, I came across a new challenge. She had decided there was no more work to be done and that she was bored. Despite having jobs given to her, she was unwilling and huffy. This was a very unprofessional way to present herself and it challenged me as I just needed things to run smoothly and for people to work together.

Apart from that the day of the dress rehearsal and opening night went very very well. Some of the challenges we overcame in that day were very impressive and I am pleased we were able to work together in such a manner.


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